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Amerman, Robert & Evelyn326-815624523 Bocage
Arnold, Larry & Jean931-797-570824514 Bocage
Arsenault, Kimberly207-671-034124539 Bocage
Badgett, Maxine323-8774323-84554506 Nottoway
Batson, James & Diana787-0361410-507-130524638 Madewood
Bays, Jay & Marilyn728-21304522 Nottoway
Beall, Al & Patty315-003424516 Madewood
Belland, Mark & 303-229-2865720-810-323624520 Madewood
Bennett, Rick & Donna303 921-124124548 Madewood
Boger, Mike & Kathy326-234224538 Parlange
Boggess, Larry & 365-1644360-323324622 Madewood
Bowers, Patti &326-24774444 Nottoway
Bray, Dennis &360-2685610-216-065524432 Madewood Ave.
Brown, Ken & Gloria787-009024502 Parlange
Burns, Jim & Lance, Ann638-908624626 Madewood
Burrow, Bonnie460-02214432 Nottoway Dr.
Butler, John &901-6965920-203-29944620 Nottoway Dr.
Caldwell, Kevin 734-476-876624422 Madewood
Callas, Dan904-838-59924652 Nottoway
Canada, Brian & 323-6163303-881-316924524 Madewood
Carreno, Rudy & Peggy365-286624511 Bocage
Catalano, John326-3552 4448 Nottoway Dr.
Chandler, John & Jean365-1937255-261724506 Bocage
Collier, Jerry & Pat203-4105217-96673352 Kananwood
The Villages FL 32163
Cooper, Larry & Linda315-071024634 Madewood
Carroll, Larry & Mary610-496-695124440 Madewood
Cruise, Rick & Marge360-0958 4600 Nottoway
Cuyler, Cary & Susan517-285-116624529 Parlange
Danser, Richard & Judy460-44374623 Nottoway
Davis, Frank & Joyce314-232624526 Parlange
DeGeorge, Art & Joanne862-432-85264439 Nottoway
Degroff, Dennis &260-616-1057408-750014273 Illinois
             Linda408-7600Fort Wayne, IN 46814
Denney, Leonard & Deanna 323-00324428 Nottoway
DiPasquale, Diane326-504624614 Madewood
DiCenso, John305-308-079124642 Madewood
Doban, Aaron787-88134655 Nottoway Dr.
Downie, Judy303-929-48084647 Nottoway
Dryer, Pamela365-2624510-703-986024528 Madewood
Dulin, John & Carolyn728-20944624 Nottoway
Ellers, Ginger561-309-394524425 Madewood
Engel, Susie787-7344821 Lake Port Blvd Apt M
Leesburg, FL 34748
Falavinha, Mozart & Carlotta728-557924517 Parlange
Fauci, Jim & Linda326-5896203-610-464424502 Bocage 
Ferrill, Tom & Pat787-39344632 Nottoway
Finke, J & Rosie326-25464608 Nottoway
Fischel, Gary &814-590-948324542 Parlange
Follick, Jack &407-590-487824402 Madewood
Foust, Allen201-704-0070 24436 Madewood
Fox. Howard & Sandra702-0335845-596-343024610 Madewood
Geiger, David 326-292324503 Bocage
Geiger, Christa326-292324503 Bocage WayCRMGEIGER@AOL.COM
Geiger, Marvin & Diane323-0622352-396-129324546 Bocage
Glass, Peggy &638-9380407-733-302224546 Parlange
Goehmann, Rod & Kathy326-405824437 Madewood Ave.
Goodman, Maggie728-5516800 Lake Port Blvd. Apt.
Leesburg, FL 34748
Green, Rosemary435-033224514 Parlange
Greipp, Ralph & Lisa323-84704542 Nottoway
Griffin, John & Marion326-265024547 Bocage
Grinnell, Walter & Joan728-528424405 Madewood Ave.
Guiler, Pat365-16034612 Nottoway Dr.
Haas, Roger & Connie614-783-1696614-327-40404420 Nottoway
Haines, Barbara &360-55008 Resurrection
                          GeneWarminster, PA 18974
Haines, Sam & Beverly326-53624526 Nottoway
Hampl, Werner &250-6650 24545 Parlange
Harkness, James (Red) &
Hart, Everett & Trudie323-8357516-702-501124533 Parlange Ct.ETMail@OPTonline.Net
Heinlen, Richard & Beverly816-286-91064447 Nottoway
Helms, Dora460-4947407-462-16794443 Nottoway
Helton, John & Sue801-7930630-329-630124534 Parlange Ct.h-helton@SBCGLOBAL.NET
Hennessy, Steve &218-428-220024602 Madewood Ave.
Hipkins, Larry &618-406-13294651 Nottoway
Hochhalter, Larry365-2624510-701-444724528 Madewood
Howell, Roger &446-030424409 Madewood
Hubbard, Lorraine850-936-8594850-499-918324532 Madewood
Humann, Joan787-851424535 Bocage
Hunt, Bob & Dawn209-38884554 Nottoway
Hunt, Dawn217-21994554 Nottoway
Jackson, Harold & Pat314-024524509 Parlange
Jackson, Joe & Donna365-20774534 Nottoway Dr.
Jass, Donald & Bernice326-87754419 Nottoway
Jean, Don & Lee787-974024522 Bocage
Kane, Tom & JoAnn 919-548-624324505 Parlange
Kaye, Keith & Barbara805-43634415 Nottoway
Kennedy, Charlene &951-970-944724426 Madewood Ave.
                Van Brocklin, Bruce
Kennedy, Sue787-849124630 Madewood
Kenny, Jim &315-4366516-983-591324635 Madewood Ave.jimkenny3@gmail,com
Kettish, Donna410-549-7489443-538-55524604 Nottoway
Krueger, Greg & Annette715-896-1007715-896-915924519 Bocage
Labar, Milt & Jean323-06384635 Nottoway
Lamphear, Bonnie386-965-550124433 Madewood
Lance, Ann & Burns, Jim638-908624626 Madewood
Lane, Cherie, Callas, Dan850-565-80074652 Nottoway
Larsen, Chris & Karen728-8435409-250624508 Parlange
Last, Marge365-296224513 Parlange
Lennerth, Bob &223-1117250-67534510 Nottoway
Lepold, Dennis & Joanne728-82174636 Nottoway
Levers, Will233-089324436 Madewood
Link, Larry &314-690024504 Madewood
Loiler, Ken &
Luther, Joan &314-282924530 Parlange
MacBride, Mac & 314-699424512 Madewood Ave.
Mack, Tom & Sara314-050724540 Madewood
Maiorana, Vito & Louise326-272724445 Madewood
Mares. Harry & Geri365-614024639 Madewood
Maroon, Shirley787-13004538 Nottoway
Matthews, David &757-256-808624507 Bocage
Maxsimic, Harriet728-535624525 Parlange Ct. **
McGrail, Tom & Jan901-612724536 Madewood
McLaughlin, Dick & Maria728-65604514 Nottoway Dr.
McLernan, Jack 365-61634616 Nottoway
Mendenhall, Chris & Doris323-336124541 Parlange
Miller, Glen & Maria360-997724406 Madewood
Miller, Maria360-997724406 Madewood
Miller, Linda360-0324217-95584530 Nottoway
Moody, Tom & Joan326-5582250-93604452 Nottoway
Moy, Bill & Vickie365-964024452 Madewood
Neftleberg, Dorothy323-139124530 Bocage
Nehring, Lynda &787-231424518 Parlange
Nicely, James & Mary787-373224521 Parlange Cr.
Notter, Bob &847-849-95314435 Nottoway
                  Joan312-805-55384435 Nottoway
Ocker, Ed & 843-650-9639255-66241017 Nittany
               Susan255-2580Murrells Inlet, SC
O'Leary, John & Elizabeth728-434224534 Bocage
Orlando, Jack &
Palazzolo, Frank & Joann219-713-8447219-713-84514427 Nottoway
Patterson, Malcolm &978-500-665724607 Madewood
Paulson, Tim & Kathy763-442-590024538 Bocage Waykpaul5312@gmailcom
Phillips,  Sally787-975424518 Bocage
Piekunka, Tom728-110424444 Madewood
Piekunka, Nancy728-110424444 Madewood
Pompilio, Diane &409-022724527 Bocage
Pratt, Mary Lou304-376-339624617 Madewood Ave.
Priolo, Anthony 460-0665631-766-168924617 Madewood
Quitos, Jun & Mele348-576324543 Bocage
Reynolds, Jan874-36574518 Nottoway
Rhodes, Richard & Barbara574-329-31621512 S Lake George
Mishawaka, IN 46545
Ricks, Brenda &757-646-008824646 Madewood
Rieb, Jim & 323-6244407-782-373424618 Madewood
Rossi, George &386-405-781924418 Madewood
Salak, Frank & Charlotte323-061724613 Madewood
Sasser, Alice787-2178552-40704550 Nottoway
Schloeman,  Ann787-3420821 Lake Port Blvd. Apt G
Leesburg, FL 34748
Sconfield, Bill & Joyce954-647-198424414 Madewood
Sebert, William & Norma24429 Madewood Ave. 
Sherman, Jim 323-12464423 Nottoway
Sherrill, Bob & Donna323-0930407-733-36034440 Nottoway
Shroff, Burjor728-334124515 Bocage
Simpson, Michael & Sue Ellen502-836-40744502 Nottoway
Simpson, Ray360-370014 Hilly
  Fruitland Park, FL 34731 
Skaarup, Allen & Elizabeth728-27064628 Nottoway
Stapp, Bob & Barbara315-8834630-35724546 Nottoway
Steimle, Larry & Marilyn728-336224421 Madewood
Stewart, Bob & Kathleen954 588-855324544 Madewood
Strock, Anne 800 Lake Port Blvd. Apt H
Leesburg, FL 34748
Sulfaro, Guy 326-3025552-208124542 Bocage
Thomas, Tom & Nina365-187424401 Madewood
Thompson, Retta326-3552250-08244448 Nottoway Dr.
Tovar, Enrique & Amparo787-14484643 Nottoway
Tuck, Ann Lee &314-69484451 Nottoway
Tuffy, Bill & Lucille 801-769624526 Bocage
Underwood, Dave &323-0910250-362024510 Bocage
Vartmann, Susan &787-350324606 Madewood
Wallace, Marion &219-916-006524631 Madewood
Way, Wayne & Barbara365-076124531 Bocage
Weaver, Bailey & Dee407-873-000724623 Madewood
Wedlock, Pete 800 Lake Port Blvd. Apt H
Leesburg, FL 34748
Wimberly, Rob & Liza410-741724413 Madewood
Weiskopf, Diana787-409924410 Madewood
Williamson, Bill & Pauline787-420624448 Madewood
Wishnow, Kenneth314-395924508 Madewood
Wood, David & Dorothy787-477424417 Madewood
Woodward, David & Jeanette787-24334431 Nottoway
Zagnoli, Maury & Judy Downie 720 273-3025303 929-48084647 Nottoway
NVResidents-email November 201711/11/2017